Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam leverages AIMMS to help the city of Rotterdam achieve its climate change objectives

Optimized supply chain network

Lower CO2 emissions

Improved air quality


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Using surplus heat to cut carbon emissions

The port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe. As such, it generates a lot of residual heat from its primary production processes. This surplus heat was previously left unused, until 2013, when Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam launched a network of underground pipelines to transport that heat for other uses. Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam wanted to make optimal use of its production resources, so that the right amount of heat was removed at the right time and stored in the network’s buffer. This would ensure the highest economic and environmental return. Heat dispatching is a daily exercise, so our partner CQM developed an AIMMS-based optimization model to support this task.


About Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam

Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam is a company that stores residual heat produced in the port of Rotterdam and transports it for use in and around the city. This efficient use of surplus heat, for purposes such as district heating, helps the company’s customers reduce CO2 emissions, improving local air quality and contributing to the city’s climate change objectives.


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