Leading Retailer Empowers Fact-Based Merchandise and Promotions Planning Decisions with AIMMS

Significant ROI

Joint sales planning with suppliers

More efficient use of trade funding


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What you can achieve with AIMMS

Evaluate your complete product portfolio, including contribution margin, market share and more.
Compare various business scenarios, like highest margin, lowest cost and fastest growth.
Discover and analyze various alternative supply solutions to reduce your Cost-to-Serve.

"AIMMS technology allows us to quickly prototype and build unique optimization applications that create a competitive edge for Zalando.” — Christoph Stark, Head of Logistics at Zalando (an ecommerce and retail client)


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A changing retail landscape

A large retail chain was experiencing the effects of increasing competition, changing consumer habits and tastes and pricing/margin pressure. In addition, each of their category managers was evaluating suppliers and conducting sales planning independently. Everyone had their own spreadsheet and tracking process.There was a tremendous opportunity to conduct planning and cost management holistically and provide enhanced analytic support for decision-making to all category managers. The retailer’s team decided to develop a new process for sales planning and cost management. An integrated optimization platform was created with AIMMS technology and is now used across dozens of categories to help the merchandising team identify the optimal scenarios in a dynamic environment.


About the company

One of the largest retail chains in the U.S. was interested in leveraging advanced analytics technology to elevate its sales planning and promotion decisions. The company was looking to embrace new decision support tools to drive a competitive edge.


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