Reliance Industries Limited Optimizes its Crude Supply Chain with AIMMS-based Tool

Improved planning and decision support

Higher margins

Better capacity and asset utilization

Optimizing the world's largest refinery


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What you can achieve with AIMMS

Evaluate your complete product portfolio, including contribution margin, market share and more.
Compare various business scenarios, like highest margin, lowest cost and fastest growth.
Discover and analyze various alternative supply solutions to reduce your Cost-to-Serve.

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Decision support for a complex chain

RIL operates the world’s largest refinery at a single location in Jamnagar, India. With an overall processing capacity of more than 1.2 million barrels of crude oil per stream day, the refinery is also one of the world’s most complex.  The planning and scheduling of crudes is a resource intensive and intricate processes. Decisions have to be taken at different stages of the crude supply chain, and at different levels in the management hierarchy. Shell Global Solutions was selected by RIL to improve the company’s optimization of their crude supply chain. Working with ORTEC, AIMMS and Shell, the RIL team was able to develop a highly responsive decision support system named GeCOS. 


About Reliance Industries Limited

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is an Indian company headquartered in Mumbai. The company owns businesses engaged in energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail and telecommunications. It is the second most profitable company in India and the second largest publicly traded Indian company by market capitalization.


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