PTTES Optimizes PTT’s Oil Supply Chain with AIMMS

Cost savings of up to $24 million

Increased supply chain efficiency

Better decision support

Finding the most efficient, timely and cost effective way to distribute fuel products from supply sources to demand locations 


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Improving the Company's Oil & Gas Supply Chain

PTT Energy Solutions (PTTES) was tasked with the development of a solution to optimize PTT’s oil supply chain network. A number of factors were expected to impact the company’s capability, among them new government regulations for oil reserves and terminals, and pipeline extensions. It was essential to develop robust, reliable and sustainable expansion plans and get a complete view of the required investment. PTTES and AIMMS co-developed a Network Optimization Application which is fit-for-purpose for the Oil & Gas Supply Chain.


About PTT

PTT is a Thai oil and gas state enterprise company. It is a fully integrated upstream and downstream company covering oil and gas exploration and production, natural gas business, refineries and petrochemical plants and a network of main fuel and LPG terminals and retail stations throughout the kingdom.


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