Linksbridge develops App for Improved & Cost-effective Delivery of Life-Saving Immunization in Developing Countries

Cost minimization

Increased transparency and insights

High adoption due to ease of use


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What you can achieve with AIMMS

Evaluate your complete product portfolio, including contribution margin, market share and more.
Compare various business scenarios, like highest margin, lowest cost and fastest growth.
Discover and analyze various alternative supply solutions to reduce your Cost-to-Serve.

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Optimizing Investments in Global Health with an AIMMS-based App

Using the AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics platform, Linksbridge provided a decision-support tool
to help donor agencies and their partners plan global health investments and procurement allocations. The tool provides a centralized place for the evaluation and optimization of numerous supplier volumes, product variability, and other characteristics. Large donor agencies acting on behalf of many lower income countries are now better equipped to secure and provide health commodities at minimized costs and maximized preference.


About Linksbridge

Linksbridge is a registered Seattle-based social purpose consulting firm that helps organizations and leaders gain insight and understanding from complex information. In addition to research and content development, the group creates useful tools for their clients to effectively communicate strategic plans and implement change.


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