Höegh Autoliners develops global integrated planning solution with AIMMS

Qualified analyses

Advanced computing power

Better decisions

Replacing file-based handovers with a single database for all users 


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What you can achieve with AIMMS

Evaluate your complete product portfolio, including contribution margin, market share and more.
Compare various business scenarios, like highest margin, lowest cost and fastest growth.
Discover and analyze various alternative supply solutions to reduce your Cost-to-Serve.

“With a market that is increasingly dynamic and cost focused, we as a transportation provider must frequently make quick decisions on where to deploy our vessels for the best service while making the most efficient use of our vessels. Such decisions require qualified analysis and this is where AIMMS computing power comes in. Their system will assist us in creating correct analyses at a fast pace, enabling us to serve the market even better.”

- Ingar Skiaker, Höegh Autoliners CEO

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An AIMMS-based business planning system

Höegh Autoliners’ flexible fleet is designed to cater to a variety of rolling stock for its various clients. To maintain that level of flexibility and operate in the most cost-efficient way, the company was in need of a solution that would allow them to simulate and optimize critical business decisions. The company chose AIMMS and AIMMS partner Ab Ovo to develop its own decision support solution.


About Höegh Autoliners

Höegh Autoliners is a leading global provider of Ro/Ro vehicle transportation services. The company operates about 55 PCTC vessels (Pure Car and Truck Carriers) in global trade systems, making around 3,000 port calls per year. Customers include global manufacturers of new cars, heavy machinery and rolling goods.


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