Graboplast Optimizes its Production Planning & Scheduling

50% reduction in idle time

20% increase in machine productivity

5-day reduction in lead time

Reducing planning time from several hours to thirty minutes


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Dealing with a complex chain

Graboplast’s management wanted to reduce order fulfillment times to under 10 days in order to keep healthy stock levels and make more efficient use of the company’s storage facilities. However, the company’s different product types made the scheduling and production cycle complex. Floor production is performed on a single production line including special printing devices. Products vary by thickness, width, design, embossing, and ingredients. An AIMMS-based scheduling solution was developed by our partner Optasoft. The solution, which replaced multiple Excel spreadsheets and printouts, produces the optimal schedule in a few minutes, and maintains an internal data system for improved visibility.


About Graboplast

Graboplast is a leading flooring and wallpaper manufacturing company that has operated for over 110 years. It exports its world-class products to 100 countries featuring product categories serving the retail, residential, sports facilities, automotive and commercial sectors.


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