Strategic Workforce Planning Tool Improves Decision Making for the Dutch National Police

Better hiring decisions

Improved budget forecasts

Improved ability to meet demand

Preparing for the future with improved decision support


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The Dutch National Police has built several AIMMS-based tools for decision support. Read another case study to find out how they improved Capacity Planning for their helicopter fleet.  


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Hiring decisions based on facts 

Police officers work in a fast-moving, fluid environment and must continuously monitor signals as to how to best maintain and improve a community’s safety. Given the duration of police training (3 to 4 years) and changes in the labor market, it is vital to determine hiring needs and entry requirements in order to sustain the right workforce. The Dutch National police was in need of a good model that could clarify future workforce flows for strategic staffing forecasts. AIMMS partner PwC built a tool for strategic workforce planning that examines – according to a careful privacy-assured protocol – the current supply of workforce and the future workforce requirement based on current and past data on employees.


About The Dutch National Police

The Dutch National Police consists of 10 Regional Units. Each Unit is managed by a Chief Constable and consists of districts divided into Frontline Teams. Each team provides basic police services in a municipality, part of a large municipality, or cluster of smaller ones.


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