Cache Cache improves order fulfillment and warehouse capacity with AIMMS

15% reduction in picking path length

10% increase in productivity

Increased efficiency

Optimizing warehouse operations to meet increasing demand


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What you can achieve with AIMMS

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Compare various business scenarios, like highest margin, lowest cost and fastest growth.
Discover and analyze various alternative supply solutions to reduce your Cost-to-Serve.

“In a context of labor cost increases and economic growth, we had to increase our Distribution Centers’ operations productivity. AIMMS provided us a flexible and efficient platform to optimize order fulfillment for stores and e-commerce” – Bruno Alix, Head of IT at Groupe Beaumanoir (Cache-Cache China)


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Optimizing picking path length

Cache Cache operates their own semi-automated warehouses to fulfill their stores’ demand. With turnover in China increasing by 30% every year, shipments experienced a steep increase. This put warehouse operations under heavy stress. Their Best-of-Breed Warehouse Management System could not cope with it this added demand and they needed to increase their capacity to process larger volumes. Moreover, the standard batch picking process they were using reached its limits. In order to pick up goods, each operator would have to travel 700 meters on average. They wanted to minimize the walking distance and optimize the picking path to increase their ability to meet demand.


About Cache Cache

Cache Cache is an International Fashion retailer and part of the French Groupe Beaumanoir. They operate in 21 countries with 1520 stores, 500 of which are located in France and 1000 in China.


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